Don’t release another boring course! 🤦‍♂️

Video and animation are uniquely powerful tools for amplifying learning and change due to their ability to mimic real life and evoke emotion. Video motivates people and activates attitude and behavior change in ways that reading or presentations can’t.

Animation and video allow you to slow down time and space to highlight key points, demonstrate actions, and break down complex ideas in a clear, concise and engaging way better than any other media.

Our team of learning experience designers, animators and video producers are experts at designing and creating highly effective and engaging learning experiences that use video and animation to drive learning and make concepts stick.

Common use cases include:

Employee Training

  • Onboarding and orientation videos

  • Workplace safety training

  • Product information training


  • Explainer videos

  • Interactive videos and scenarios

  • Video-based courses

Customer Acquisition & Sales

  • Customer education

  • Sales enablement videos

  • Social media & ad campaign videos

Product Support

  • Product support & troubleshooting

  • Screen capture software training
  • Product information videos

Let’s build something great together!

Working with Hot Neon means you’ll be teaming up with a studio that learns the ins and outs of your organization and produces content perfectly inline with your message. We are a tight-knit team of creatives, and we love making things with feel and meaning. We’ve been behind many different projects, spanning anywhere from film and animation to full-scale e-learning courses and instructional design. Our team becomes an extension of yours, blending seamlessly with your brand and messaging.

Not sure where to begin? Not to worry! Our process is easy-to-understand and serves to help envision your idea all the way from the storyboard to the final deliverable.