Online learning shouldn’t make you cringe

This is the sign you’ve been waiting for to end the cycle of boring and ineffective learning experiences. It’s time to revolutionize your learning programs with strategic microlearning content, delivered through engaging media when and where people need it the most. Our expert consulting services and customizable training and educational products are tailored to your audience to shift behavior, educate, or get buy-in. Don’t just inform, empower and enable your audience with meaningful digital experiences.

People are always learning, and the way you design learning experiences shouldn’t be constrained by your platform or software. We help you deliver interactive and engaging learning content with customized experiences and data tracking features to suit your unique needs. Our specialized consulting services support you from strategic planning to implementation and beyond.

Our focus is on leveraging technology to enhance people’s lives, relationships, and work. We see the world around us through a strengths-based lens of possibilities. This vision combined with our extensive experience leading and managing complex social change initiatives helps us design systems that support behavior change.

We are not your typical learning design company

We create highly interactive and engaging learning and educational experiences that shift culture, behavior, and attitudes. We design and develop short form microlearning events, ongoing learning programs, and customized knowledge management and process enablement solutions.

We bridge the gap between knowing and doing, inciting action through inspired narratives, interactive learning, and visual communications. Hot Neon Learning develops advanced communications solutions for a diverse portfolio of public organizations, non-profits, and private companies. We have extensive experience engaging both external audiences and internal stakeholders—researching, designing, and implementing unique solutions to serve your needs.

Expert Services

Hot Neon Learning is a people focused firm. We specialize in cultural, behavioral, and attitudinal change. Our learning experience design team is made up of human-centered systems thinkers, that know how to lead change and transformation. We know that learning takes place within systems and designing an effective experience that changes someone goes beyond instruction—it’s about helping people solve real problems they care about and leveraging emotional, social, contextual and cognitive elements they live with.

Hot Neon works with organizations to create bespoke programs and knowledge products in the areas of health & wellbeing, onboarding, leadership, product education, and process enablement. We work on both internal enablement & communications initiatives, external stakeholder education, and public engagement projects.

Our design process involves getting to know your team and target audience as well as we can to ensure our solutions represent their unique needs and priorities. This includes accessibility considerations and involves facilitated consultation, reflection, analysis, testing and evaluation.

Learning & Development

  • Onboarding and orientation programs

  • Leadership development

  • Culture and change adoption


  • Digital resources for public audiences

  • Knowledge and information management

  • Strategic communications

Sales Enablement

  • Retail employee onboarding

  • Sales process scenarios

  • Product knowledge training

Customer Education & Support

  • Product education & troubleshooting

  • Screen capture software training
  • Customer education resources

Let’s build something great together!

Working with Hot Neon means you’ll be teaming up with a studio that learns the ins and outs of your organization and produces content perfectly inline with your message. We are a tight-knit team of creatives, and we love making things with feel and meaning. We’ve been behind many different projects, spanning anywhere from film and animation to full-scale e-learning courses and instructional design. Our team becomes an extension of yours, blending seamlessly with your brand and messaging.

Not sure where to begin? Not to worry! Our process is easy-to-understand and serves to help envision your idea all the way from the storyboard to the final deliverable.