You’ve got videos… Now what?

Hey people! It’s Monday. The start of a brand new shiny week. There are seemingly endless things to be done and even more distractions to wade through. It’s the perfect time to review your social media strategy and reflect on your content.

Specifically, this post is about Instagram and how to get the most from your video content. This post is not focused on IGTV or Instagram live-streaming but the tips generally still apply to those uses of Instagram.

One of the reasons why I wanted to write about this today is that it’s something we know people struggle with. Would-be clients have approached us in the past believing that they need videos, even though they haven’t figured out a strategy or plan for how they will use them. This is a sure way to ensure you don’t get the most value out of your video content. So don’t just jump on the video train because it’s trendy or you heard it’s what people want. Do it purposefully and thoughtfully, or you risk wasting a lot of time, energy, and possibly money (yikes).

I’m going to break down a few simple things to think about before you craft your Instagram post with that pretty content you spent all that time and energy producing.

1. Be strategic

Think about what you are saying and why. What is the purpose of the video?

Is it to educate about a change in your business? An upcoming fundraiser? A massive sale?

Is it a fun or heartwarming video aiming to create a certain feeling toward your brand?

Think about the purpose and then think specifically about the objectives you would like to achieve with your video. Yes, this takes some time and energy but it will help you out tremendously by focusing your energy and time, ultimately making sure you get the most out of your social media engagement. Make sure that your social media content is tied to your larger organizational or brand goals and objectives.

2. Know your audience

You should have already thought about your audience when you started thinking strategically, but this gets its own paragraph just because it’s that important. If you are thinking of nothing else, at least think about your audience. Who they are, what they want, how your video is relevant/helpful/interesting to them.

3. Be timely

Yes, you’re excited to post this beautiful video you’ve shot. It’s everything you imagined and more… BUT, don’t post it. Why? Because if it’s the middle of the night on a Saturday and that’s not when your audience is active, it may get buried under other people’s content before they have a chance to see it on Monday. If you have a business profile on Instagram, you can see when your followers are most active and consider that in your posting schedule.

Secondly, time the release of your post for when it will have the most impact. When done well, video content can be highly engaging so make sure that you’re using it at a time where you can benefit the most from that. Think about what your video is about and what your objectives are with it. Is the video to promote an upcoming event? To show off the success of an event? Is it about an exciting new product or service that you’re providing? When is it being launched? Really consider the purpose of the video and ask yourself if posting it right now is serving that purpose or meeting the objectives that you have for your video. For example: You just had an awesome event and hired a videographer, you may want to post a highlights video ASAP following the event in order to reap the most engagement from excited participants who will still be basking in the glow from your amazing gala/party/launch event.

4. Be authentic

People don’t use Instagram to be marketed to. In fact, they hate it. Just think about how you use Instagram personally; most likely, you follow a couple companies because you love their products, other than that, you aren’t looking for in your face advertisements. Don’t blast your followers with a commercial. Be human and true to your brand. Social media is not traditional television, it is where people go to keep up with their friends. Be their friend and let your values and personality as a company shine through, not just your sales voice.

5. Pick an interesting frame from your video and use that as a cover

Just absolutely do this. As you prepare your post you will see “Cover” in the bottom right corner. Click on that and scroll through your video to pick a frame from it that will show up as the initial cover as people scroll through their feed or if they look at your gallery. Choosing a relevant or interesting frame massively increases engagement with videos. Nothing will turn people away from your video faster than having a blank or black screen as the first thing they see since most people will just scroll through, having no visual cue that the post is anything that matters to them.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully that gives you a place to start if you’re considering using video on Instagram. Those are just a few tips and they will be sure to evolve as time goes on, but I’m sure this is a topic I’ll be writing again many more times in the future.

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