About The Project

Men & is an initiative by Bluerock Social Impact Partners based Calgary, Alberta where they provide resources and support for men’s health and relationships. They have a ton of resources to help people strengthen their relationships and communication, including articles, downloads, and interactive toolkits. Some of their most popular content was about how to apologize.

This makes sense, as apologizing can feel tricky—it requires empathy, humility, and self-awareness. To make it more challenging, it’s not something most people practice often and takes place in highly emotional situations.

While every apology requires adapting to the context and the other person you’re communicating with, there are core aspects of every apology that are important to communicate and can be learnt.

To create a safe space to practice apologies online, Hot Neon designed and developed the interactive “How To Apologize Scenario”.

After selecting a character, users step into a situation where their partner seems to be upset with them. By guiding your character through the conversation, you can reach one of several endings and receive personalized feedback on how to improve your approach next time.