About The Project

Indigenous Story Studios got in touch with the Hot Neon crew with an interesting idea for a project. Indigenous Story Studios is a website that produces a series of stories and comic books aimed at Indigenous youth, with each story covering a wide variety of topics ranging from health to social issues. Silent Enemy was the story chosen to have re-imagined as an animated video, and is a fictional account of a man going through a cancer diagnosis and facing the realities of treatment and recovery with his family. Working with Sean, Hot Neon obtained the original digital artwork, for the Silent Enemy comic and managed to separate all characters, backgrounds and elements so that each could be animated separately. We wanted to have the animated video still maintain the feel of reading a comic book, while at the same time including voice-overs, sound effects, and animating each scene within their original comic book frame. See some examples of various scenes below and be sure to check out the original comic book.